AKC registered German Shepherd Dogs.  Puppies and adults available. OFA, sires are DNA profiled, large boned, solid, excellent dispositions , shots appropriate for age, vet checked, wormed and microchipped for permanent identification.  These dogs will do whatever you ask them to do if you are willing to spend the time to teach them.  Excellent as family pets, companion dogs, service dogs, search and rescue, security, personal protection or just plain old lap dogs.  The German Shepherd Dog is truly the "all around dog".  
Stroud Haus' Maximillian
Stroud Haus' Mighty Zeus
Stroud Haus' Blck Jack

                  Stroud'-TNT's Hyper Piper
                   Stroud Haus' Hollyhock   
Holly worked as a siezure detection dog for 3 yr. old Geoffery while she was alive.  Unfortunately she has passed away.
   Stroud Haus' Auggie
Maybe you just need someone to talk to!
    Shep and Phil work as good will ambassadors.*
                      Phil and a lady friend
 I'm sooo afraid of the              big, bad witch.
                Zeus and Blue
Midnight believes in lending a helping hand to an orphaned kitten, even if it'means a free meal.
Apparently Shep isn't the jealous type.
MMM is always ready for a swim on a hot day.
              Come on in, the water's fine.
Panzer and his roommate.
              Max surveys his watery domain.
Please call 517-688-3094 for more information on current litters.  

.Jerome, Michigan

Yes, GSD do get along well with cats!
    Elizabeth Stroud
email:  shauggie@

                      Time to clean up Mom.
It all depends upon how you raise your pup.

  Mighty Majestic Max
Whoever said "Only small dogs can be lap dogs" didn't know GSD owners.
Some things never change.
Oh, sorry Dad.    I thought you said "jump it", not  "walk it".
Morgan, Grizzley, Niko, Rufus, and Ace.

Sasha's just loafing around the house.
This is Sasha's first winter, and GSD's love to play in the snow.
Shadow's just chillin in the back yard.
Badge poses for the camera.
.The 3 musketeers playing in the snow at Grandma's house.  Grizzley, Niko, & Morgan

Let us not forget the fantastic job all the different breeds of dogs have done by serving in the armed forces.  Many more valient soldiers would have died if not for the heroic, self sacrificing actions of these noble animals.  This picture is of Phil Savage and Shep (named after the GSD that served with him in Viet Nam).  They are laying the wreath  at Fort Custer National Cemetary in Augusta, Michigan on Memorial Day 2009.  Let's hear it for ALL the two and four legged soldiers that help preserve our freedoms!!!!!
.Breeding for 45 yrs.

Shredder and Shadow at the beach.  Shadow  and Shredder are both certified therapy dogs.  At least they stayed dry until their pictures were taken; but GSD do LOVE the water. The blue vests are their work vests.  

This is General relaxing with his buddy.   General is a Sam son.  He is not for sale, but this is very typical of my dogs.
General is the all around family dog which is what I have bred for.  My dogs will play with the kids, protect the house, do whatever you want them to do.  The main asset of a GSD for protection work is that he is visible and people KNOW A GERMAN SHEPHERD LIVES HERE AND IS ON DUTY.  A golden retriever can bite just as hard as a shepherd, but people aren't going to test a shepherd like they will a golden.  They are very good psychological deterents.
There's nothing like having the grandkids home for a visit.  There were actually 8 GSD running together in the yard at this time.

This is Harley with her litter of pups being socialized by the neighborhood children.  As a concerned mother, she has to supervise everyone to be sure the pups are handled properly and everyone is fine.  Apparently the children pass her inspection and she considers the situation well in hand.
 Both  Shadow and Shredder have their CGC's and Shadow, Shredder and their two pups--Raven and Midnight--are all certified therapy dogs.  Shadow also has her CD obedience title.
Congrads to Deb Kramer and Bo.  They have earned their Tracking Dog title .  Trish won her UKC Champion conformation title on Gretta.     Both girls plan on continuing on in the show ring to greater deeds.   GO DO IT LADIES!!!
This is Bo proudly displaying his tracking title certificate.  
Yes, Grandma's shirt buttons are popping.  Trica has titled three of my bloodlines and they are now UKC champions.   

GOOD NEWS  Raven was just rated  OFA good and Midnight was rated OFA  EXCELLENT!!  Not two many GSD receive that rating.  Congrats to Deb and her 4 legged crew.
Unfortunately Max passed away at 14yrs. 4mos. of age.  Don picked up his new pup today and I'll post pictures in the near future.  I know Max is happy that his Dad has a new companion to fill the void he left.
Unfortunately Max is no longer with us.
This is Ranger who is filling the void left by
Max.  He's a lap dog too.
Boss is now a UKC Grand
Champion as of last fall.
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Black male    
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I have a 4 mo. old black female and a 6 week old black male and sable female for sale.  The prices are $800.00.  They will be vetted, have current shots, are wormed, and will be microchipped for permanent identification.